Learn the diseases related to deficiency of vitamin D

Learn the diseases related to deficiency of vitamin D

Islamabad (Monitoring Desk) Vitamins D is an important part of which people can get very heavy and surprisingly, most people suffer from it. Vitamin D acts as a hormone in our body, and compared to any other vitamins, all cells work like a recipe for vitamin D. You can remove this vitamins D in your body through sunlight. However, there are also medicines in the market. These vitamins for the health and immune system of human bones

It is extremely important and its deficiency can cause you to suffer from these diseases. Pain in bone is very important for the health of vitamins D bones because it helps in absorbing the body calcium, while strengthening the structure of the structure, due to lack of it, in the body, in any place in the bone and under the waist The section may face very severe pain, which causes vomiting. Hunting vitamin D easily contributes to the diseases of the disease, which contributes to the physical immune system, which helps prevent normal weather conditions, but when deficiency of vitamins, the immune system does not work properly, resulting in For every type of illness, your body becomes an easy victim. At all times fatigue may be due to fatigue all the time and there is also one of them lacking vitamins.

Various medical research reports have been discovered that symptoms such as severe fatigue and headache occur in excess of vitamin D, even the slightest decrease in vitamins cause physical discomfort and feeling of fatigue, especially If women are fatigue all the time, it is likely that they are facing shortage of vitamins. Similarly, the lack of vitamin can also be different from sleep sleeping habits. The weakness of bones has been listed above that vitamin D is very important for the health of the bone because it helps in absorbing the body calcium, it is very important to achieve vitamin D in proper quantity so that the aging increases Volume remained. And they can not be easily fractured.

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The risk of depression increases: Vitamin D receptors are present in many parts of the brain, especially those that are associated with depression, further research is needed, but experts say that deficiency and depression of vitamins D Depression Is found between. The risk of dangerous infections increases the risk of vitamin D physiotherapy, and the decrease in the risk of system respiratory infections increases people’s risk of vitamins. Due to this, our body does not compete with bacteria and viruses. The blood vessels of vitamins D, reduce the risk of blood pressure in the body of vitamins D – that may reduce the risk of blood pressure, but according to medical experts, further research is required.

Various medical research reports may have shown that diabetes improves physical sensitivity regarding vitamins D insulin, which reduces diabetes typical risk, whether your body weight is as much as possible. Infertility If you are interested in children, then know that deficiency of vitamin D in the body can also be infertility, it is very important for men and women to be vitamins.

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