Khashashani murder, warrants of two companions

Khashashani murder, warrants of two companions of Muhammad bin Salman continue arrest

Ankara (این این آئی) A Turkish court issued arrest warrants of two Saudi citizens in connection with the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashkiqee. Thus, the pressure on the Saudi vowel Muhammad ibn Salman increased. According to the Germaliyya news agency, the Turkish high-ranking Istanbul High Court submitted an application to release both warrants of the Saudi citizens. According to this application, Ahmed al-Rasri and Saud-ul-Qadri were involved in the killing of Khashashjee. Both of them were considered as a close adviser to Wali bin Prince Mohammad Bin Salman.

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Saeed al-Qatthani was the special deputy head of the secret organization, as a special adviser to the Saudi welfare. He was released from work after assassination of Khashashjee. Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Mulud Chauwlowo said that if Ankara’s government comes to an end to investigate the murder, Ankara government will not avoided investigating the murder at the international level. . On this occasion, he criticized Riaz not to make full evidence of Turkey.

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