Kelly became the richest person in the genre of America

Kelly became the richest person in the genre of America

New York (NYI) Kelly Jenner may have been known as the presence of her or her siblings in social media, but animated on social media, this woman has become America’s 5 most popular Sallybury and is the world’s youngest Self-mediated billionaire (close to Pakistan) is about to become an American man. The American journal Forbes has released a list of America’s richest syllables, which states that Kelly Jenner is currently more than $ 90 million (a free Pakistani rupee). More) and this list is 5

This is the second number. Early this year, most of the viral videos on YouTube were known as Kelly Jenner, while honoring the most popular picture of Instagram. He has been the fifth American American Honorable person has come, and he is only 21 years old. Kelly Jenner, who is about to be the youngest billion leaflet at the earliest, is going to stop this record from Mark Zuckerberg, talking to Forbes, saying it was like “Media Media Platforms” Instagram has played a major role in my success. “Social is an amazing platform, which makes me accessible to fans and my customers easily.”

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In this list, legend producer George Lucas first with $ 5.4 billion, director Steven Spielberg with 3.7 billion dollars, Opera Vanfrey third with 2.8 billion dollars, Michael Jordan with 1.7 billion dollars while Reaper J Z With $ 90 million, Kelly is jointly fifth with Jenner. Earlier, the US’s richest list of women released this year in June, according to the Kyle Jenner not only the richest among her sisters. But they are 27th in America’s richest women. His elder sister and the magician compared to Kelly Jenner The total reality star is less than just $ 35 million worth of low-cost business assets.

The 21-year-old Kelly Jenner asset is the result of the popularity of their make-up products. Kyle Cosmetics is worth $ 80 million and Last year, the company sold 33 million dollars. Kelly Jenner is the only owner of the company. He has made his company successful by social media, and there are only 5 full-time employees in the company, due to which The administrative costs are also very low. Their impact on social media can be gauged in February this year. His 18 verbal message against the Snapshot chat had benefited 13 rupees on Facebook.

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