Keep the amount placed in the bank

Keep the amount placed in the bank

Importance of government can not be denied, because the basic needs of their lives can be accomplished only on the basis of wealth, that is why rich or poor, they increase their wealth as well as their earned Wants to keep the money safe. Keeps money in bank because there is a fear of cash stolen, because in the country, in the country, a multi-frequency institution reserves its own money in the bank, but what, Such patriarchs like those who love to be emotionally nights in the night

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Since now, a person who has a mental mind like me is stupid. Many incidents of money stolen from the bank account for almost two weeks have come to normal. The money of such people is also cheat through bank fraud. Theft has been stolen, which had earned his blood sweat. Even on the amount of money, the cyber crime group has cleared hands. The source sources have found that more than 100 people have been stolen from the account of only money in Peshawar. Yes, Swat has been frauded from people like a hundred twenty people too. Through fraud from banks in almost every small city of Kolkata, Faisalabad, Lahore, Money extras have been made. Captain (R), director of the FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crimee, interrupted a private television, said that most of the banks in the country have come under the hack of their country according to the recent reports we get. Such cases are being investigated. In such cases, the parties engaged in cybercairm in some way get information from bank customers and steal their money.

If the State Bank has instructed the ATM card and the money transfer system to be further improved, it is also a fact that the human mind can do anything if it comes to anxiety. But there are such methods that if they are implemented, their money can not be stolen or stolen from any kind. If you want to get any information about it, do not give any information about your bank account. Usually fraudulent manages to make himself aware of your account by showing you the bank officer or military officer by giving you confidence.

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So beware of such people. It’s normal, remember! Your mobile, computer, and laptop is a treasure of information about you. Where do you go, what level of your mind is? What types of websites you see more. ‘Whom are you online, As you start tracking, online thieves gather information about you. And based on your profile, analyzes your weaknesses that can be benefited from you. As Parakin Aziz, there are a number of people who shout to women or to get involved with them. Such people are usually beautiful profile packet, a woman’s freelance recordwriter, and she accepts her unwillingness and accepts research only.

This Facebook from the female lady also tells me that I am busy and I am charged The book is very low to see the book, so please email me on this email address, I have talked to you very useful. If they get your email address in such a way, then think that they get fifty percent of the information about you. How do they get your phone number, account number or other information through your email? It’s a long and technical discussion. But keep it or not to give the person your email address to each other.

The ATM machine is usually more rush, where there is more possibility of fraud on the ATM machine, try not to use the ATM machine there. Whenever ATM machine withdraws from the machine, then on the machine Press the Keyboard Recovery button for the first time. But most importantly, do not give anyone your bank Avenue Vent information information about the phone, so that your money will remain secure in the bank and you will not have to face any problem.

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