Karachi’s red pigeon ready to fly Dubai

Karachi’s red pigeon ready to fly Dubai

This time Rama will be Rama for movie banners or not a romance story, but the crime drama film ‘Red Pigeon’ will be celebrated for the first time.

Yes, the movie ‘Lal Pokhtar’ has been released from the movie ‘Geo Entertainment’ and ‘Neer Homemade’ films, which has been released by the actor, Ahmed Ali Akbar and actress Mansha Pasha.

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The great trailer of the film ‘Red Pigeon’ was released last day, which highlighted the crime in Karachi and reflects the dark aspect of the city.
Actor Ahmad Ali Akbar is playing a role in taxi driver, Ameel Ahmed, who is related to a small class and wants to go Dubai, for which he is ready for illegal work.

When Mshasha Pasha will fall asleep in the country of Asia, which is busy engaging in a search for which he will take help of Adeel Ahmed.

The movie cast includes Rashid Farooqui and Ali Kazmi along with Munsha Pasha and Ahmed Ali.

Crimea film ‘Red Pigeon’, directed by Kamal Khan, will be celebrated on March 22 next month.

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