Karachi: Building collapses kill 5

Karachi: Building collapses kill 5

Karachi: Building collapses kill 5

Two bodies were recovered from a 3-minute collision building in Malir Jafar aircraft in Karachi, after which the number of people were killed.

The family claims that some parts of the house were broken during the operation against the massacres, which had damaged the foundations.
Sindh Building Control Authority has declared crash responsible owner, while Chief Minister Sindh has demanded an accident report.

The tragic crash was presented at Jafar Air Force in Malir on Monday morning, three rocket houses built on 100 yards dropped under the rubble of roof roofs and walls.

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Apart from the civil administration in the relief process, the Pak Army also participated. Hassan Abbas, head of the house under the rubble, killed his wife, while many others were injured.

Hassan Abbas’s cousin claims that part of the house was broken during the operation against the massacre, which had reduced the foundation of the building.

In the initial report, Sindh Building Control Authority said that construction of hundred yards was constructed on old basis. Due to being on the corner, the building was not supported by the road side which caused a crash.

The report also states that after destroying the houses, the house was working to strengthen the building.

The final report will be set up after the rescue operation is completed.

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