By | March 4, 2019

KARACHI: Anti corruption court took 11 years imprisonment and sentenced to death for the government employee who had been involved in fake work and was convicted.

In case of corruption, Noman Ali, the employee of the MC Education Department, was hearing the case for the publication of the government’s job in Karachi’s Anti Corruption Court.

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The suspect, Imran Mehtab, said the accused Noman took Rs 4 lakh bribe and took a job by fake papers, but the salary found that the job was not found.

The defendant said further that Noman, who had given the official job papers, was also fake.

On the basis of the crime, the court of the MCJ (DEC) department, Noman, sentenced to 11 years imprisonment and sentenced to more than a million rupees, after passing the case for more than two years.

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