Jeff Hunt: Did not think Jahangir Khan won ten titles

Jeff Hunt Did not think Jahangir Khan won ten titles

Australia’s city’s autonomous squash player Jeff Hunt’s minds with Pakistani cricketers and their memories of traditional hospitality in Pakistan are still fresh and these reminders bring them to Karachi again.

Jeff Hunt’s Karachi arrival was due to be a guest special in the Pakistan Open Squash Championship, for which he was invited by great Jehangir Khan.

During his short stay in Karachi, Jeff Hunt enjoyed squashing new players of squash, even enjoying the traditional guest of Jahangir Khan.

Jeff Hunt highlighted the squash and its various aspects in interview to the BBC Urdu.

Pakistani players used to be strong competitors
I am enjoying playing with my players throughout my career because every player had a unique feature on their own. The game of Mubarak Khan Khan was like me, so it was difficult to play with them.

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Qamarman’s control over the ball and the unique style of playing strokes was not in anyone else. Hands where powerful shots played. Goggie Allergenin had great skills in drop shots and labs. Apart from Pakistani players, Juna Bearington and Ken Hose were also world class players.

How did you stop Pakistani players from winning?
I think I was a fantastic player. I just believed and only won. My biggest beauty was that I used to see the ball long ago and made it my position faster because of which I pressured the opponent and did not give it opportunity.

Did you think Jehangir Khan would break your record?

I did not think about the record, but I thought of the record of seven British Open titles in Hashim Khan that I broke. The tournament that I used to win was to win, but the British Open was important for me. When Jahangir Khan came to visit I won a few matches, but he beat me into the World Open. I could not play the next British Open due to no fit and retired.

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Jehangir Khan won the World Employment title only at the age of 16. And he came as a great player who was unbelievable for five and a half years. I was happy to win all the tournaments in just one year but the fact is that I did not think Jehangir Khan would win ten British Open titles. He has a great deal of work.

Can there be big events in Pakistan again?

I hope this might happen. Unfortunately terrorism is around the world, not only in Pakistan. It has affected every country somewhat. Pakistan will have to create a good player so that sponsors can get to big tournaments.

Do Squash Need a Superstar?
It is very important to join the Olympics to increase the popularity of squash and I am sure that one day the squash will be a part of the Olympics. Whatever has to be done to attend the Olympics, all the conditions have been done. I understand why it is not being included.

As far as Super Star says, his players in Egypt are super stars, but I think in every country the role models are needed not to be internationally a superstar. If people like these roll models are players in the country then people will be interested in this game.

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