Japanese with petition against high heels of work

Japanese with petition against high heels of work

A group of Japanese women petitioned the government to protest against the requirement to wear high-heeled shoes at work, the Guardian writes.

The KuToo campaign – a word game from the Japanese word “kutsu”, which means shoes, and “kutsuu” – pain, was taken over by actor and freelance writer Yumi Ishikawa. The initiative is rapidly gaining support online.

Campaigners say the wearing of high-heeled shoes is seen as almost imperative when it comes to looking for a job or job in many Japanese companies.

Ishikawa told reporters after a meeting with labor ministry officials: “Today we have tabled a petition calling for laws prohibiting employers from forcing women to wear heels such as sexual discrimination or harassment.”

The ministry responded with her that they sympathized with the petition and that such requests for the first time were submitted to the department.

“This is the first step forward,” added Ishikawa.

An announcement in Ishikawa’s Tweaker earlier this year, complaining that a high-heeled job is required at a hotel job, has gained popularity and kicked off the campaign.

She said on the occasion of the World Movement Against Sexual Violence #MeToo: “After I realized how many people are facing the same problem, I decided to start the campaign.”

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