Italian govt. has punished the social networking site on Facebook

Italian govt. has punished the social networking website on Facebook

Rome (Monitoring Desk) Italy’s government has penalized Rs 11 lakhs thirty thousand rupees on the social networking website on Facebook. According to the foreign news agency, Italy’s governmental agency sentenced the conviction to the company to not sell citizens’ data to other companies. A press release issued by officials on Friday said that Facebook cheated during making the ID with consumers and used details of non-permission for commercial matters.

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Complaint statement on Facebook users receives retrieval of old messages has been said that the company sold consumer data to other companies by cheating, while Facebook had assured social media users that their data Will not be used for any wrong work. Facebook has also been warned that consumers’ data has been provided to the companies immediately aware of relevant institutions. On the other hand, the Facebook representative rejected the crime and charge imposed on the company. Remember that Facebook has been experiencing difficulties over the past several months regarding Data Bureau, besides the United States, the British government also issued notice to the company, after which Facebook had given its cleanliness.

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