It is good that we all go forward, spokesperson Pak Army

It is good that we all go forward, the spokesperson of the Pak Army

Army is not of any party or province but the whole country and army and country, government which has been in the state is standing with it, the government takes control over security, it is happy that all institutions united Press briefing of Pak Army Chief Major General Asif Ghafoor

RAWALPINDI (Urdu Newspaper Top rated .06 December 2018) Spokesman Pak Army Major General Asif Ghafoor said on the statement of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Pak Army that it is good that we all go forward, Pak Army is not of any party or province but There are army and institutions of the entire country, the government, which has been in the country, is standing with it, the government is taking control over security, and the government is united.
He said the emergency press conference here today said that I want to talk to the security situation. Today, I will inform you about the borders and national issues. Violations of the Jangling Agreement are increasing. Military is not being targeted at the top. The forces are targeted targetlessly.

In 2017 and 2018, there were more controversy over the benefits of firefighters.

In 2018, a fire fire was violated 2593 times. In 2011, 55 civilians were martyred and more than 300 were injured. The government has initiated many issues for peace with India. But India is not willing to negotiate with the talks. He said that India is offering negative views to terrorists. There will be no India from India with the Kattarpur passport.
4,000 Sikh pilgrims will be able to do today on a daily basis. There will be a way to the community community. The straw will be mounted on the road. He replied in response to the statement of the Indian Army Chief that we gave the Kartarpur bark in honor of Sikh religion. But what did India do in Babri Masjid? What is in Gujarat? All India knows what Muslims have in India. The University should first become self-employer and then teach others.

He said that more than 2 million forces are deployed in FATA. He said that Rangers in Karachi have returned the lights of Karachi in the last few years after offering sacrifices. Other security organizations also worked big with them. There is a reduction in 99% of terrorism in the crisis. The crutches are an economic engine. Cruise is one in my crime number 6, while today 67.

The government focuses on Pakistan’s focus on Balochistan so that there is a stable peace. More fighting against the country has been fought in P. He said 44 major operations have been conducted under Raiwalfadad. 42 thousand others. He said PTM had three demand. In which check posts are lacking, cutting pressures, and reducing mines. Pakistan has reduced check checks like conditions improved.
There were 469 check posts in 2016.But today there are more than 300.But there are jokke posts there, any soldier standing there belongs to any part of the country but he stands for the protection of the population there .43 teams are engineers Those mines are clearing. There is a war in which it is necessary to clear this area. Our soldiers are also killed and injured in the mines.

He said that the commission was working under Justice Rajvi Iqbal in 2011. The cases are being carried out in a commission, the other courts are working. He said that there were 7 thousand cases in commission and courts. These cases are being heard on a daily basis. In these cases 4 thousand cases have been resolved. More than 3,000 cases have been filed with the court or commission. He said that if we have been protesting

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Many people in the war can be martyred and missing. More than 70 thousand people have been diagnosed in Jing. We have treated like PTM as mother again. Many people said why do not you take action against PTI? But we think they fought very much in those areas. However, they have not violated any law yet, but the language has been used.

But now those people are going to be worried. We request that they come back. Our investigations are going on how the PTM is going on? PTM does not cross the line by which it is harmful. And there is a need to use force. Maj Gen Asif Ghafoor said that listen to the prime minister’s ear from how he spoke. Any government wants to get input from its establishment.

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Similarly, he also gave an example of Pentagon. The Prime Minister said that my decision is to be followed by the army. He said that Pakistan is the army of the entire country. We are an institution. The army is not of any party or province but the country. Whatever government The army is standing with him. It is a good thing that we all go forward. He said that this war was imposed on us. We fought this war against TTP. We are now making terrorism. We are now saving the border. We will not fight the war of Afghanistan in Pakistan. He said that if America will become a friend of the region, he will be beneficial.