Issues and resources, In the wells of death young people

Issues and resourcesv

Used to drive motorcycles to the children, elders, ladies across the bridge. As we grew older, he became old and sad, when he grew up. If you do not, then the son proceeded to burn the house’s stove and took the seat of the father. Even then, Circus Cockrobara is in a similar situation with all the instrument as we had seen in the child. The track is in the shattered state of the circus The city takes place. In the years, the circus owners add only a few rupees to the ticket. The matter is to do this during the period of this inflation. Was necessary If the horse loves friendship with the grass, then what will eat? The baby creates a home in the first pocket. Then gradually it takes shape of a dragon and runs on every side.

The time passed and the poor was himself an idol. The people who fear fear and fear it, are in danger of keeping them naked. They are fashionable to wear clothes. Poor poverty rates have reached a very dangerous situation. The backward, poor, backward shelter of Seventh Parker Tendulkar is considered to be a resident of the country, Tauriyet fulfills his duty. Because the state itself is counting on many ideas, therefore, the rise of politics can not reach the poor. Aware will come out of the throat when speaking. Be hungry .Superate creates anxiety .They feel emotionally. Snake napple flute. Matro, Green Line Bus, Orange trains Hyn.talym’s poor stomach can fill in the name of fraud, medical fraud in the name of blending in treatment. My father will get anything to the poor in the rural areas of the Punjab. The charity is pushing him to death soon. My chief knows that this war of life and death I have to lose life because we just have to keep developing. To show off

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When the son of the mother of my mother saw that she had taken cancer, he was filled with sorrow. The journey of poor people is very difficult anyway. When such a disaster is on, then the shroud looks cheaper. Poor one It is poor that the other is also shocking. This fear has also been created inside it. It is feared by the doctor that a guardian has become a hunter. It was said to show who we are. Check the test. Put it in the middle Where people like Mai Sardar live, those claimants will not remember till the name of such poor people. We do not wonder because such events have become part of everyday life. If the population of Punjab is seen, Harali, The beauty of the beauty is made when the heart becomes blown in its free airies. But there are no 3 million patients like the Mai Sardar in the country. The standard diet, gutter water, inappropriate measures, and every other person from the mixed items. Leaf disease is occurring. This is the hallmark in the poorest areas of the Holocaust. The mothers in the famine The flowers are distracted by the state’s mind, their mothers’ sings will witness against the rulers in front of God.

The economic punishment for the poor is a torch cell. The case is available if there is any malignant disease. TB, Hepatitis, Cancer, such as Patients, take away the life of the poor. According to a report, 22 million Every eight of the population is hated by Hepatitis. But the government does not take any measures to protect the citizens from this danger. Regardless of the government, the government had allocated a fund of 5 billion, but did it make hundreds of rupees a hundred thousand rupees of human life? Is it possible to counter enemy germs? In each of the government hospitals, every third bed is a patient who does not expect home return. Anita is deprived of my sickness. The poor patients coming from remote areas become the mountain of the ice by seeing sleeping on the cold floor of the hospital. It sleeps in the hospital due to the hope that a Christian may be in the morning Come on, rub them up, and save them from falling into the mouth of death. Jai Mai is fighting against cancer.

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The war of the Mai-e-Sadr is not expected from a deadly disease, with hope. They expect hopeful offspring, the slave is a master and a slave from time to time. Poor resources do not have the resources that can solve its problems. There are resources but waste is left. If there was a problem making arrangements to use the correct place, there was no problem in eliminating problems. If they were aware of problems, they could not waste the resources. 20 million in the capital It is a wonder that a liver can be found in the process of treatment of liver cancer. It is strange that Imran Khan is developing. There are many instances of the owner. Until now, foreign countries have been involved in countries which are serious in the health and stability of the economy, and every institution in China is in governmental custody.The hospitals are also under the leadership of the government. The common man solves his problems in the process of supervision. Chen’s religious views are always focused on health. He is willing to spend millions of dollars but does not agree to compromise on health issues. Chen believes that if the public health If the problems are lost then it will be difficult to hold hands on development. Will Imran Khan bring any formula of health from China? Which can be reduced to millions of patients like the Mai Serial? Any prescription chemistry from which resources are solved, can solve problems?

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