Islamic solution of mutual conflicts

Islamic solution of mutual conflicts

Prague branch of the Muslim Organization  O.G. in  of  Republic of Czech Republic, Prague branch organized an international conference with the Czech Foreign Ministry in recent times. This topic was discussed at the Conference of Dispute Resolution and Conflict Mediation (Arbitration in Conflict Resolution and Conflicts). The Ambassador of 23 countries and representatives of 150 countries attended the conference.

The conference also called on the “Pakistan Embassy Check Public” By representing Pakistan, the idea was expressed on this subject. The first session of this conference was chaired by Pakistan Ambassador to Czech Republic and head of the OIC Prague branch, Dr. Dastrasar Hussain Hussain. The doctor’s address was palace and thoughtful. He highlighted the importance of Pakistan in the Muslim world in his presidential address.

Rejoicing on the mutual conflicts of Muslims, emphasized their peaceful solution. Specially focused on settlement of human rights violations and conflicts in Kashmir and Palestinians. In this conference, Czech Republic’s Foreign Minister Tomas Petricek, Secretary General of King Abdullah International Center, Austria, Faisal Bin Mammar, Advisor of Ministry of Religious Affairs Oman Mohammad Syed Almari, Vice Chancellors of Professors and Universities of European Universities, Professors and High Government Designers Participants highlighted the theme “Islamic solution to conflict resolution”, which is an abstract service.

The way we all know that at this time there are many conflicts between the different countries and nations. Unfortunately, instead of finding peace solutions to these conflicts, powerful nations try to overcome the weak nations on the basis of weapons. In particular, America and Europe use powerlessness in the near future, destroying millions of innocent people by death. Are you In this context examples of many countries of the Middle East and Afghanistan are in front of us. History study shows that animals and creatures can be controlled by using power, but not humans. Because power has also given humans humanity as well as mental energy, moral values, and with the graciousness of wisdom. Islam has given a lot of importance to mutual harmony, moral values ​​and justice in the dispute resolution, so that wrongdoers should stop oppression and be persuaded by the affected party and get justice. This is the thought of which can be a journey of peace and prosperity in the society.

The meaning of Islam is peace and security, and every class is the universal message of peace in the teachings of Islam for every class. Think about Islam and worship Through the attention of human attention, it is very important to focus on the reform of human beings, because if there is peace in man’s heart, society will become a source of peace. Seeds of conflicts and devotees are sown in them before they are exposed. Become the tree, make society a hell. It is common in the divine teachings sent by Noah, Moses, Abraham, Jesus, and Muhammad Salehullah Al-Mummah and Salim that he came to teach human beings and make peace to the society.

Everyone believes that conflicts belong to any kind of family, whether family or social, political or religious, countries or countries, or nations, they keep the peace of society by keeping the peace of society. Due to this, humanity can become uncomfortable and troubles grow. Quran Aziz has described humanity as a great expression and deepness of mankind. It is stated in Quranic verses that “We have honored the descendants of Adam’s descendants.” (Survive Israel verse No. 70) Summary of the teachings of Islam is formed by a universal society based on love and equality so that all human beings are respected. Islam is a religion of peace for the human being, which is an integral part of the unity of mankind rather than the unity of the nations. Actually, the human being’s survival is in respect of humanity and until the world’s all-powerful forces focus their attention on humanity, this world will be a deserted habitat. After the first war of war, when the “League of War” “The Jamaat-e-Ummah” was founded on the occasion of the occasion, “Allama Iqbal said that
In this period the unity of the nation was also commonly known as Wahidat Adam
Contemporary Malcolm’s purpose of Islam is the only nation of Adam
The Lord gave Joshua the message to Zakiah that Jamiat Adam!

Islam has opposed its people to justice. Shahid Adel is the entire life of our dear Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) that all possible efforts to resolve the conflict. In the light of your patience, Islamic researchers and mujahideen have created comprehensive jurisprudence and judicial laws for settlement of mutual disputes and conflicts from the beginning of Islam. There are several incidents in the Quran that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) I established peace and blessings. An incident here will be appropriate to understand that before the Prophethood of Prophethood, the Quraysh Mecca martyred and rebuilt the house of Ka’bah-e-Sharif.

After the construction was completed, there was a dispute arising when Hazar area came to anoint. Each of the four major tribes had the desire to honor this honor. When the matter was caught, a proposal came, “The first one who entered the Mecca in the morning, he would be able to install Hajj.” It was done by Allah to be the first to be the first day