Islamic country in Europe announces its army

Islamic country in Europe announces its army

Celebrations of Muslims in the entire country, slogans on the streets, which country is it and its armed forces? Know.

A decade ago, the Muslim majority European country, Kosovo, declared the freedom, declared its army, which led to increasing anxiety in Serbia. It seems that after Serbia’s long-lasting civil war Kosovo, a populated area of ​​Muslim population, declared separation in February 17, 2008, although some countries including Serbia did not recognize Kosovo’s independence. According to the International News Agency on Saturday, Kosovo’s parliament The main decision of its country’s history on December 14

The passage passed by the law of making military force for overseeing international borders. It is believed that NATO peacekeeping forces are deployed after Kosovo’s civil war in 99-1998. The law passed by the Parliament. According to the Kosovo security forces, the military defense force, which will answer the small crisis, will be given the status of the country’s defense deficit, which is currently 5,000. The Speaker, Qadri Weissel announced that the new round of the country is being started today.

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Kosovo’s all-member parliament congratulated each other on this occasion, while the Serbian politicians in Parliament Kosovo’s boycott. In the number of people, Kosovo’s citizens, celebrating the new legislation in their freedom, celebrated their festivals by celebrating the streets. Kosovo’s citizens in the number of cases have made new legislation As a new father in freedom, he expressed his happiness by celebrating the streets. A student talked to the foreign news agency saying that it is a very happy opportunity, we are happy because our country is complete today. President of Kosovo Hashim Arvati declared this decision to his nation the best gift at the end of the year.

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