Is Facebook a hand behind the ten-year challenge?

Is Facebook a hand behind the ten-year challenge?

If you are active on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you will know the ten-year challenge. In this challenge, users post their current and ten-year-old photographs on social media simultaneously. The ten-year challenge has become a madness of social media at this time. Like the other viral madness, this madness is also interesting and quite easy.
In the same post, two users simultaneously and two pictures, exactly ten years of face-to-face analysis programs can be taught about an aging age.

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All types of face analysis or fiscal retention that use Facebook are dependent on machine learning. In this method, complicated computer programs are made by training through instances.

The more the results are in this method, the better the results are.
In an article published in Wired, author Kate and Neil expressed his views that Facebook could be behind the 10-year challenge, because this challenge can make Facebook better face-to-face learning programs.

The discussion increased so much that the Facebook spokesperson had to explain the issue. The spokesman said Facebook did not start this trend. The spokesperson said that the pictures used for a 10-year challenge are already on Facebook. The translator said that Facebook does not belong to this trend. The spokesman further said that Facebook users can enable or disable face-to-face features at any time

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