Introduces Nokia’s new Smartphone 8.1 to 2 days for single charge

Introduces Nokia's new Smartphone 8.1 to 2 days for single charge

Nokia introduced its new Smartphone 8.1. This phone will be available in many colors such as Blue, Steel, Silver, Copper, Iron and Hybrid Steel. Nokia has called it a premium phone that will be available to consumers at reasonable prices. Nokia introduced a smartphone smartly, on the display of this phone, there is a Nokia-like switch, and it’s a better version of Nokia 7.1. Which features a good combination of features and performance. This new phone design also matches Nokia 7.1

However, some things have been updated. This phone has been given a 6.18-inch full HD display, while Sniper dragons 710 processors, Android 9 pie, 4gb remote and 64 GB storage, which can be enhanced by micro SD card. According to the company, the Pover display has been given HDR10 support, while Google Lens support is also available. This phone’s cellular camera is up to 20 megapixel, with backups 13 and 12 megapixel dual cameras set up with Xia Optics and Optical Image Stabilization.

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‘Pure’ Android One Support can be considered as the feature of this phone as security updates will be available for 3 years while software updates will be available to consumers for 2 years. Introduces 3 new ‘cheap’ smartphones of Nokia and is very smart for phones that are more affordable than Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to 50%. In this phone, 3500 MAh battery is given with 18w fast charging support and the company claims that the phone can run for 2 days while using moderate on single charge. The price will be offered for sale in different countries next month in the amount of $ 452 (more than 62 thousand Pakistani rupees).

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