Instagram will now show IGTV videos on your timeline

Instagram will now show IGTV videos on your timeline

Instagram has been realized that most people do not use its IGTV feature. The company has decided to present the video directly on your timeline.
On Thursday, consumers will be able to watch IGTV video on their timeline. These videos will appear like a normal post, but there will be a different tag to make a difference. From this feature, you will only see the video of those people you will follow.

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IGT is the feature of making a long video, which was included in the app last year. Users can upload up to 10 minutes of video from this feature, while many users can upload videos up to an hour of this feature.
This instagram is not the first attempt to popularize IGTV videos.

Instagram has already added IGTV to Explorer.

IG TV videos have introduced feature features in stores. IG TV has also introduced the feature to download videos and to include external websites.
Instagram has not yet told how to earn money from IGTV, but apparently the instagram has some plans in this regard, due to which this feature is being made to make this feature more popular.

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