Indian actress ‘Gohar Khan’ speak for Kashmiris

Indian actress 'Gohar Khan' speak for Kashmiris

Indian actress ‘Gohar Khan’ speak for Kashmiris

India’s leading actor Gohar Khan speaks in favor of the innocent climbers of Indian extremism.

Winner of the famous actress and famous Indian show Big Boss Season 7, Gohar Khan, expressed grave anger over the innocent and innocent Kashmiri people, saying that terrorism should be stopped.
He wrote on the social networking website on the wrong side of his message against the wrongdoers who is terrorists and who is oppressed? Every beard is not a terrorist.
Gohar Khan expressed grave displeasure in the Twenty20 and said that stop spreading terrorism and hatred on the basis of beliefs.

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It is clear that on the last day, Hindu extremists attacked the two Kashmiris selling dry fruits on a roadside Lucknow, rattled them with stones, dragged them down, and dragged them out of the pit.

Remember that such incidents have come up with several Kashmiris in India after the plauding attack on February 14.

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