India leaves the dream of winning the first test series

Sydney (Urdu point latest newspaper, November 29, 2018) After Australia’s stroke of Steve Smith and David Warner, Australia’s performance has fallen and the Indian team in the Kingroze descent believes that it has the first time in history. Australia has a very unbeaten chance to win the Test series in Australia, but former Australian captain Ricky Ponting says Australia will win Test series against India with its weakest history.

During an interview, Ricky Ponting said he would like to see the money and bounces in Pitches for this series as he thinks that Australian batsmen will play more pitches more than Indian batsmans. India has been trying to win in Australia for the past 40 years but its batsmen do not perform such a good performance on the pitches here, and for this series, there should be money and bounces in pitches.

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He further said that if Pach’s pitch was played against South Africa, like playing one-day match, Indian batsmen will not be able to bend here for a long time, on the pitch of the Adelaide patch for the last few years, whose cingro-fast is being played. Bowlers will take full advantage and think that both the first Test matches will be Australia’s name. Ricky Ponting further said that in his opinion Usman Khawaja will score more than Virat Kohli in this series because his Austrian record is very good and just like the United Arab Emirates series batting against Pakistan Later, he has the ability to face Indian bowlers as well.