Increasing girls’ ages, reasons, effects and solutions

Increasing girls' ages, reasons, effects and solutions

When a daughter becomes born, parents get worried about her marriage and dignity,
When the little cake does not grow long enough, you say that the daughters do not feel too late.
Since childhood, it is said that the daughters are prostitutes, they do not always live with parents, as well as girls, girls are also decorated with dreams. Daughter is more difficult to grow than getting married .
We have to face a lot of difficulties to prevent the girl from getting married in marriage. Especially those girls who are older.
The older girl is more fortunate than older woman is not accepted in our society.

We have a look at the obstacles and girls who have grown up in the age of girls who see more reasons.
First of all, due to the lack of proper relationships, the number of unmarried girls is increasingly increasing, which has become a major issue of our society.
Relationships start coming as soon as the daughter gets older, but most parents refuse to say that our daughter is still studying. Girls in this cycle also reach the maximum number of times.And we can not marry outside the family. Our community does not understand this.
Then there are some relatives who draw out on the good relationships of their angry or angry girls, mistaken things attribute to the girl to end the relationship.

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Girls themselves are too old to be unmarried
Seeing movies, plays, they have made their mental quality so that no relationship meets their standards. And as well, in the best looking for the best, or even right-handling
Often it is also seen that in the house where two or three daughters are there, for a big daughter, unless a proper relationship comes, parents do not even adopt small daughters’ relationships, but also find them as well as relationships for younger daughters as well. Let’s stop. The biggest root, what would say, the people’s creatures are harming themselves.
Another important reason

There is a caste disorder system that can be seen today too. And the majority of girls’ marriage is only because of marriage that there is no tradition of marriage outside the community and there is no relation between their family members. .
It also happens that girls do not even come up with color, shape but also today we are part of society in which the beauty of beauty is preferred. Black color, black and weak health is rejected by a mixture of a mixture
God Almighty to say that if the relationship is fixed then the condition of duality is coming, due to which poor and middle class is very impressed.
In the Name of Ghazi, many conditions are described in the parent’s handheld, in which case relationships are more likely to end.

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The worst effect of all these causes itself on girls.
Girls grow frustrated and live with life as they grow up and limit their lives to themselves.
Many suffer from psychiatrists, begin to lead themselves to such a way from which returns are not possible.
The closing doors of the lamps also make the colors available in their lives. In the place of beautiful colors of life, the feeling takes place.
The solution to these problems can be pulled out of conversation and success; Parents of both the girl and the boy should understand that no human is the best. Every person is in the same way as cursed creatures and curses like these. And there are never guaranteed relationships.
Girls should also think that the life of movies and plays is very different from real life … life is the same, relationships are the same that actually exists around us.
If any work is done with true dedication then success is definitely available
If this thought is kept in mind, do not take these problems.

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