Imran Khan can not stop me to meet my friend and meet him.

Imran Khan can not stop me to meet my friend and meet him.

Imran Khan can not stop me to meet my friend and meet him. “Sudho stepped into Lahore as announced that the mercenary enemies of the border got burnt.

LAHORE (Online) Former Indian cricketer Najat Singh Sudu has said that opening the Kartarpur Corridor for Sikhs is not less than dangers around the world. The Curtar Corridor will open the way of unlimited events, including peace. Today, it is a happy day of 12 million Sikhs, who are fulfilling the Baba Gronnak Mazar in Kartarpur Corridor 73 years later. These Indian Expressers, Najj Singh Sudan, expressed their views in the talks with journalists on the Wahda border in Lahore. What’s during He said more than that for me

It can not be a pleasure. Prime Minister Imran Khan is honored. Imran Khan is my friend and nobody can stop me to meet him. People planted a plant three months ago, which has become a big tree today. New time has come to be seen today, which is half-awaited by Sikh’s 12 million Baba Gonakunk. A 73-year-old Adek has arrived today. Due to Baba Gronnak, there will be good relations between the two countries, and the religion should not be seen in the context of politics and terrorism.

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What laws or places in the world are prevented from performing duties of religion. In response, Njj Singh Sudho said 90% of people are looking forward to watching India-India matches. Promises and eggs break but efforts are successful. Just as Nathrat Fateh Ali Khan, Imran Khan, Kapil Dev and Javed Akhtar play the role of ambassadors among the countries.

Through the artists, relations between the two countries are improved and that is the role of a bridge to connect each other in both the countries. In response to criticism of the media, Najj Singh Siddhu, he said that criticized me Today, on the occasion of the Happy Day, I forgive them, because it is a matter of peace, I will bear criticism for peace. It is clear that Najat Singh Sodho has reached 80 Wahdat delegation along with a three-day visit to Lahore Wahaha Border, along with a 25-member Indian newspaper. Nujit Singh will be present in the ceremony of inaugurating the Kartarpur Border in Norway tomorrow and will meet Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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