How to Identify President of the House of America

How to Identify the President of the House of America

How to Identify President of the House of America, White House, to start a smart plan, how will the stranger and stranger present in side now be introduced? Amazing technology has been introduced.

Washington: The US government has decided to start working on a new technology for protecting White House, which will help identify the face of the White House and any alien person in its side. According to TV, the recruitment of the secret agency responsible for the implementation of the US Internal Security Rules has been working on a plan to prepare a technology that will identify any stranger who comes to the White House and the President. This technology People who travel around the White House,

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The help of photographs and videos of the people walking around the park and helping them walk with the help of pictures and videos. This new technique of protecting White House has been revealed by the American Federation of Civil liberties. According to the report, the result of this technique, where a suspect is identified, on the other hand, this initiative may also affect the personal rights of the citizens. The conferred document towards the Ministry of Interior, said that the Secret Services Agency Vit Want to use such modern technology to monitor the house.

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In the first phase of the test, it will be seen whether or not this technology is identifying the faces of secret service employees. In connection with the recording of encrypted cameras hidden in two separate locations in the White House auditorium, in addition to these Those people will be identified by the pictures and videos of the people. It is not clear whether this system has been operational, but its experimental process was started on November 19, and it was an experimental period of August 30, 2019. Will continue till now.