How successful is the release of Bill Gates?

How successful is the release of Bill Gates

How successful is release of Bill Gates? The report that Prime Minister should also read

ISLAMABAD: Bill Gates, founder of the world’s richest man and microsoft founder, has also talked about a decrease in the pains through poultry, in 2016, Bill Gates, profitable work for reducing the survival in light of his experiences Bill Gates says that the rate of growth in the poultry is more than any investment, but not only that, Bill Gates took practical action, and together with an NGO, one million rupees The American expert economics criticized him

Targeting the basic economic principles, targeting the target. According to the report of the war, millions of males and hundreds of birds, including Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Ghana and Uganda, have many families, but their annual income can not reach a thousand dollars. Bolivia, producing a 20 million annual pest, offered billions of gates to say that they have four million pediatricians annually, it is not a solution to poverty eradication.

The basic training families with bucks and poultrys are $ 82 a year After spending $ 1700 on it. Bill Gates ‘Cocos Dreams’ and ‘Recruitment’ plan never played a role in eliminating poverty. Maldives Gates, a Gates’s elite, described Chicken as poor ATM. According to numerous media analytics reports, micro software Founder Bill Gates, in 2016, plans to end poverty by 30% of the poorest African countries, announces one million of herbs. Bubble Gates gives an example giving an example that assume one The farmer receives five herbs and her neighbor has a fire, in just three months, forty four They will be available, while they become spicy, they can cost up to five dollars.

Thus, a savvy savings of $ 7,000 can earn a thousand dollars a year. The critics say that when the number of poultry increases, where will the food come to them, and whether the farming land is capable of producing food for the dead. Have to use to make chicken feed. Supply of additional chicken in the market will reduce poultry prices. The US, EU and Brazil are said to sell low cost chickens compared to local farmers in the African market.

Gates are very good to see the Dream Dreams’ plan but this strategy does not work for everyone. The lack of economic depth and practical thinking in this theory of Blee Gates is answering this comment by Gates in Chicago University expert economist Chris Bleet. Giving an open letter and criticizing the proposal, Bill Gates ignored the basic economic principles because the supply of poultry would worsen in the balance of market prices from a target of $ 10,000.

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He has declared cash-inspiring factor in poverty eradication. Nine years ago, nine scholars have gone to six countries Three years later, every family involved in this program earned $ 80 a year, the program spent experiments with every year, the contribution to every participant in this program spent an estimated 1700dalar, in which the cost was more expensive With a $ 150 aid to poor women in Iigaganda, he was given business training and the process was monitored.The families of the next year, the families involved in the program, did not give a salary 202, but every household in this program came out for $ 843. Bubble Gates Most people are in the house. They said that if they are not so rich Paul’s chickens and then they would earn only two dollars per day.

He estimates in his offline blog post that the cost of chickens is more than 5 dollars in developing countries, then he would have bought 12 peppers a month after spending two daily dollars. A few months later they had dozens of pesticide proves to be a machine-making machine and they could get a middle class base out of the poverty line, with a huge amount of income. He signed a agreement with an NGO for Heffield International to distribute poultry. This organization distributes Levivakak in poor families around the world. CEO of Honor says that Gates and Heifer have for the death of the birds. Choose a dozen countries that are in African, Central America and Asia, whose name is not displayed.

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Gates Foundation’s Senior Program Officer says that many people in Eastern Africa buy cowardly after receiving poultry, thirty toty percent of household income is included in livestock. According to the report, Bill Gates has made women empowered The theory can not be obtained from the ‘Dream Dream’ Chicken, but it is a political process, Bill Gates acknowledged that he never passed through the pestilence. However, they are learning.

They say that the cost of vaccines is very low, it is not necessary for the poultry. Brazil has adopted different models in the past three decades and became the world’s second largest chicken producer and the largest exporter. The lifestyle families are connected to it, but these families are providing food, food, medicine, technical assistance, There are contracts with big companies till market guarantee. A large Brazilian company built by Adber Abbott, who had a naked airport and the Methodus Rapid Transit System, planned to produce chicken for $ 82 million, aimed at raising a quarter of Mozambique’s chicken, but the plan Practical Shape