How many people are using the Internet around the world?

How many people are using the Internet around the world

United Nations has reported its statistics that currently world’s three billion 90 million people use the Internet. This number is more than half of the population living on earth. The report released by the United Nations states that the number of internet users will be 51.2% by the end of the year. UN International Telecommunication Federation Report According to the Internet, the scope of the internet is spreading rapidly. Holon, head of the Federation who said the number of Internet users in the early 2018s

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According to the report, internet users’ statistics are important for reference information. Internet use is a major development in the field of digital development in the world but still half of the population of the world is far from digital development. UN has emphasized on developing countries to continue working on technology development so that digital Do not miss any region from the revolution.

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