How do wild calls become friends of humans?

How do wild calls become friends of humans

Egypt (Monitoring Desk) is a common animal feeding in our homes that sometimes come home and they are at home with their families. A comprehensive research on cats showed that humans did not make cats domestic, but they themselves become accustomed to living in the homes of their own. The nature of a animal changes the hands of geographical conditions, weather and other factors, and this process of evolution in nature continues for several generations. Exactly like that

As zephrée’s neck grew long because of the leaves of high trees, and after a hundred years it became the specialty of Zephrée, which is now seen in the present generation of Zephrée. It was a common idea that humans change their nature of wild cats because of human beings and family being human being, who imprisoned forced cats at homes, but research proved wrong.

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For this research done on cats, specialists analyzed the remains of 200 cats which were born in a variety of periods of 9 thousand years. In ancient Egypt, there are flavors of honey with frazin, baked in ancient Rome and wildlife found in African wildlife. Experts found a long study on these cats of cats that now 8,000 years ago, wild cats started to go near the fields in search of food.

From here, the wall of alienity started between humans and cats. It was also common for the rats to grow in the fields, which followed the pursuit of human beings. The research chief, Claudio Otnie, said that this was the stage when there was a relationship between humans and cats and they began to get rid of each other. According to him, ‘It is not that humans caught the cats and arrested them, after which they became gradually domestic.

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These were the only ones who entered into the lives of humans. After analyzing the DNA of the cats, experts said that there is no significant difference in the genes of wild and domestic cats. There is only one thing in which both wild animals do not tolerate other small animals, cats and humans. However, this habit may also be changed after a slight reaction and wild calls are in a homeland environment.

According to experts, the tradition of calling for ancient Egypt was found in 1515 BC, because the batsmen act to soften humans and get tremendous quickly. Later, these calls were also needed for travelers who traveled to the ship so that the ships could be protected from mice. Experts say that this research shows a strong connection between humans and cats, which is very ancient and includes both consent.

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