How do I spend the day in Pakistan?

How do I spend the day in Pakistan

If you live in Punjab, foggy days will be foggy in the cold weather, the weather season has come and it will last as long as the rain does not wash it, you will have to breathe in toxic air.

How to protect yourself in frozen weather, there are some tips on this.

Prefer to stay at home
Get out of the house at the same time when you are very important, also avoid strangers at your gardens and terraces, keep all the doors and windows closed, and put a wet cloth on the windows, if you get out completely covered yourself put it.

Use the N 99 mask mask, this mask filters 99% toxic material, while using surgical masks, helmet and rheumatoes for this purpose is absolutely incredible.

Drink more water
Drink water, juices and soup so that the polygon surrounding the throat and nose can be cleaned, avoid coffee and tea as these drinks speed up the process of water emission from the body. Furthermore, out Additionally, after coming out, smoke the body’s open organs and eyes

Stay away from the dust
If possible, keep a home-based quality tester device, you can be aware of the quality of clean air in your city through a clean air-conditioning network, keep the plants in the house so that the air can be cleaned.

Avoid drinking cigarettes at home, open doors and windows for one hour to fill the internal atmosphere with fresh air.

Without a broom, the concept of a Pakistani house is not complete, but do not use the broom, instead of use a wet lip or vacuum cleaner.

Drive the car carefully
Use the mask while going out of the house, use the car’s fog lights, but avoid using high beam, keep the vehicle’s speed at least if the fog gets deeper. If you do not see the road, do not batch the road batches, but keep the vehicle away from the traffic on the street side.

Use carbon to minimize
Carbon erosion is a major cause for immune reasons, even if the fossil fuels or millions of vehicles are consumed by poisonous fumes, carbon emissions are causing unexpected damage.

We also have some responsibility in this regard, we must avoiding coal, wood and crust all possible. Petrol usage should also be reduced and do not use the car for less distances, prefer public transport.

Use at least at least the electrical appliances at home, if the electrical and electronics devices are not in use, switch them off and use the least use of energy.

Do not use high octane petrol as much as possible in your car in the evening because it causes toxic fumes.

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