By | October 29, 2019

Prince Andrew’s ingroup noncommissioned a rhetorical team associatealyze|to research|to investigate} whether or not 2 pictures linking country royal to discredited financier and alleged human seller Jeffrey Jacob Epstein were doctored as a part of an elaborate “stitch-up” theme, in line with a report printed Sunday.


Unidentified friends of the Duke of royal line told London’s The Sunday Times that they employed specialists to work out if one photo—showing aristocrat St. Andrew together with his hand round the waist of then-17-year-old Virginia Roberts Giuffre, as Epstein’s alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell stands behind them—was faked.

They claim aristocrat Andrew’s hands within the ikon aren’t “chubby” enough. They additionally seen that the ikon shows St. Andrew and Giuffre round the same height, once essentially the aristocrat is regarding 9 inches taller than Giuffre.

“Prince St. Andrew doesn’t acknowledge the ikon. and also the additional you inspect it, the odder it gets,” AN anon. supply told the days. “The Duke is 6ft. Virginia Roberts Giuffre is 5ft 3in. There ar on no account 9 inches between them. there’s one thing definitely wrong regarding it.”
Giuffre, now 35, claimed in her 1st televised interview on “Dateline NBC” in Sept that she had sex with aristocrat St. Andrew in 2001 once she was seventeen at Maxwell’s London townhouse. She aforementioned Maxwell, UN agency recruited her as Epstein’s “sex slave,” additionally propositioned her to the aristocrat despite the royal knowing her age. aristocrat St. Andrew has vehemently denied the allegations.

The supply aforementioned AN analyst already claimed it absolutely was strange that Giuffre within the ikon with aristocrat St. Andrew is sporting the “exact same outfit” she was once photographed 2 months later at a celebration in Saint-Tropez with manikin Naomi mythologist.

The second ikon in question shows aristocrat St. Andrew walking with Jacob Epstein in ny City’s Central Park in 2010. The members of his ingroup aforementioned St. Andrew traveled to ny in 2010 to interrupt off his relationship with Jacob Epstein once he was 1st defendant of sexually abusing underage girls. They claim Jacob Epstein musical organisation the ikon to incriminate the aristocrat.

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