Guns and Roses, This is called

Guns and Roses

“A smile,”, a smile, does not die,
By heart, good words should encourage others, especially
If you have a girl, then the Earth should do the heavens, praise them, !!

The doctor kept silent on his unstoppable eyes, for this reason
It was very painful, !!
In the hands of the man, he saw both the ears and the ears silent
The cotton was the money, the movement of indebted oil worked on a hurry
Went out of the pudding room,, !!

The woman complained deeply with her chest, and said to her, “Yes,
Some new ones,?,, went off, left, some people shouted around here.
Every morning, every morning comes in the car, the target is our home, the car, so far,
The taxi bike has been used, the police is very cautious that the end of us
Who are,, !!

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The mess smiled, said, it does not even tell us who we are, why you
Know who we are?
It’s a great problem, that’s why we are, weird,
Stranger ,,, !!

Smile, Smile, Wow, Wonderful!

Miss Gaga picks Rana like that and is a lightweight pillow like Pitty, you, right now
Baby Rana Sahib said, while crying Rana, while making a surprise, said it, she was thin
I am young or old now, but I have to love my age,
How long will you fight for fighting, I say so think about it, !!

Gaga looked at Rana in surprise and swinging style, smiling Rana near him
Do not you feel that your little house is home, small, small

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