Greenland’s ice also melted into the winter

Greenland's ice also melted into the winter

Greenland’s ice also melted into the winter

The island of the snowy mountains, Greenland, also started coming under climate change.

Experts from Scientists and Climate Change experts have also revealed the melting of greenland in Greenland.
Snow melting of these mountains has shown signs of danger because the melting of the Greenland is not possible to increase the sum of ocean level, which can face serious damage to the adjacent coastal areas.
Scientists say that between 1 to 2012 Greenland’s ice was separated in the form of very large radishes and then melted gradually, and now the entire wasteland of the island has started melting together.

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Environmental pollution and climate change in the whole world have become a very difficult problem, it is imperative to remove an immediate solution.

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