Google’s new mobile operating system trial begins

Google's new mobile operating system trial begins

Google has been working to provide another operating system for a long time from Google, and its first trial is going to be going on soon. Yes, since 2016 Google has been able to do everything with mobile phones, laptops and computers. The Open Source Operating System is being functioned on Fashash, which will be very easy for upgrading the company and people will not have to wait for many months, Google’s new mobile operating system for several months. In this new system, existing Android apps will also be able to work and therefore it will be easy to bring it to Android devices.

A company has started testing favors on its phone. Smartphone named Anne Playplay by Chinese company Huawei engineers. I’m being fascinated by Favisha’s Karen Zerqon (the part of the system that manages the memory, files and pfererial devices).

It’s a great deal for Google to try your operating system with your future operating system. The fascinating arrival of Fauzia will be a chance. We can not see the next few years before Google comes. B has also been working on manufacture of Android c3, which will be introduced next year. According to the details in the past, the app icon should not be required on the home screen such as the Android or iOS in the Home screen in Fashashi. Instead, it will have rectangular sections while screening the home button below the screen.

This opens the screen in full screen space, it will be floating above the Favisha operating system, while the time and battery indicator will be lower than the top and Yes, Google assistant will be available.