From self-sacrifice to poverty: a journey of change

From self-sacrifice to poverty: a journey of change

rom self-sacrifice to poverty: a journey of change
Pop is counted in countries where a large portion of the population lives below the poverty line. According to official figures, four of our ten people in our country are compelled to live a lot of poverty. Various governments have made many plans for poverty reduction. But there was no significant success in this regard.

The Benazir Income Support Program is also a link to this regard. This program was established for the people who are forced to spend their lives in extreme poverty. Under this program, a poor family is given a sum of money in every quarter, so that they can meet the basic needs of their lives. The project started ten years ago and more than 55 million people have been awarded this year, and this series is going every year. Like every year, the government has allocated 124 billion rupees in this year, which will be divided into the poor of different districts of Pakistan. But one question that is repeatedly done so long will the government taxpayers distribute money to these poor.

Why the government does not take solid action measures to eradicate the poverty of these poor. In order to address these facts, the organization organizes measures such as resource education and resource health so that education and health facilities can be reached to those involved in this program.

There is still a lot of concrete steps to take place in the economic field to achieve this target. Pakistan’s Powertail Alliance Fund has tested a unique plan. About 1.5 million people were selected who were receiving relief money from the Benazir Income Support Program for many years, but failed to get out of their poverty. The Pakistan Powertall Alliance Fund provided various opportunities to the selected people, Some people have to go through a special skill and to attract some people with fascinating education so that these people can be able to earn good income for themselves and their families.

According to the statistics, the poverty of the families selected for this project is significantly decreasing. In addition, this semi-governmental organization provided unauthorized loans to the people and provided livestock such as resources through which income can be obtained on a regular basis.

Senior Chief Quality, Research and Design Samia Liaqat Ali Khan, Senior Head of the Pakistan Powertall Alliance Fund, told Geo News that this facility was provided to one hundred and eleven thousand and four to four and four and four hundred and fifty people. There have been a lot of success in getting out of poverty and poverty, and now they have been able to earn themselves daily and to accomplish the basic needs of their families.

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The Pakistan Powertull Alliance Fund has thoroughly monitored and monitored these people and provided the facilities to keep these people on their own feet. However, a large number of other people who have been involved in poverty reduction will also be able to reach some endangered destination, poverty reduction. There is a small number of people who continue to pay some financial assistance. Will have

The Pakistan Powerty Elevation Fund, originally under the National Patty Graduate Program, covers five years and it started in 2018. In this context, the Government has found financial assistance between Pakistan and the International Monetary Fund, which has allocated $ 150 million for this program.

So far in Pakistan it is a unique but successful experience of poverty eradication. This scheme not only came to life in the lives of people but also employment opportunities and business activities at small levels also boosted and livelihoods have also been beneficial.

Similar experiences were done in 77 countries in the world and there was considerable decrease in poverty.

This semi-governmental institution of Pakistan has so far spread the program to the 375 Union Councils of the country. In future, this program will be spread out further backward areas, which will further reduce poverty.

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