Freedom expression is essential for the development

Freedom expression is essential for the development

Freedom expression is essential for the development and stability of any society, but freedom of opinion is in public place or on private level; for political or business purposes or in the form of film, book photographs and prescriptions. On TV and social media; in fact, it is the basic right to everyone who lives in it for the purpose of society, the establishment of peace and its prosperity. But for a particular ideology, culture, religion, and occupation, what is the quality of this “opinion” and covering the extent that it is self-determined in the promotion of what he thinks, understands or knows It is also very important, otherwise what is happening in the world today, for freedom of expression, it is certainly the result of a lack of specific rules or principles in this matter. The following negative and positive effects of freedom expressions have been reviewed and more clearly illustrate how it can be made possible for every possible reason.

The influence and power of the Caesar and the Emperors in Rome and Persia was established on the basis that every voice that was raised against their order and order should be quiet; Arabs ‘idols’ were considered to be gods in the Arabs because in any of them The unbelievers and the courage of the people were not afraid; priests in Europe used to execute “Kufraks” so that no one could deny their words; Prisoner of time imprisoned darkness in the streams So the wicked rulers can save their crowns. ‘Then what’ is one ‘? Because millions of Muslims in Perbarma should be removed from their homes indefinitely or those who say “God is not God” should be punished in churches; Everywhere, culture is somewhere in religion, sometimes rich and poor, sometimes there is always a lot of restrictions on “freedom of opinion” due to the power of masses and rulers in power.

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Therefore, in the two different parts of the world, the result of this struggle was based on the basis of two different civilizations, one of whom raised a voice against the unknowingly and saved humanity from slavery and recognized Creator universe, Who promised to guide every step and every step and to follow the principles and principles of life, the means of achieving the purpose of life. So on the other hand, such a movement of “freedom” has changed all the right and wrong. People rose up against the slavery and cruelty of the church, but soon became slaves of their own souls and subjected all the matters of life to their own desires, and today the basis of today’s western and eastern and exclusive Islamic and non-Islamic society Ready, who think of each other in many different ways and live on different directions. Consequently, using one’s freedom expression directly strikes the freedom of others, which often intensifies in matters. The results of “freedom of opinion” in the world are the result of their ideas.

On the other hand, some of the most important principles that are adopted equally everywhere, they also feel the most toy toy. Whether there is state matters or a person’s individual relationship, everyone gets into the shadow of their own interest in the shadow of this freedom, and consequently the atmosphere of insecurity and endurance is around the world. No one wants to peel inside himself and try to hear it only.

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Even in the face of freedom of opinion, other people’s beliefs and ideology are not even cared for, and their acceptance is also possible, but also every effort to throws their sound. Therefore, in view of this fact, millions of Muslim people, sometimes ever seen in Denmark, are sometimes protesting against the use of words in Holland; Nevertheless, ban on the massacres of thousands of Jews in the Belgian Belgian system So, India is shelling from India, claiming to be an expression of expression on “slogans”, “sometimes we are free”; sometimes thousands of Christians are just different religions in Korea with independent thinking. Due to the fact that the courts are dragged into the courts, then the ban on the curtains and tensions in America It is believed that the “Islamic Code of Life” is a matter of fact that the Islamic states of Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia stop thinking and thinking of their own citizens. In such a way, people also take pleasure in disguise, dissolve, and lowering each other at the individual level. Even the media also gives freedom to spread negative thinking in all this situation only, to mislead incidents and criticism of every sector, and thus on the day when the social media arrives on social media The problem is distorted to the fact that the real problem becomes wasted. The concept of freedom of opinion and its practical effects is very different in many different ways, due to which the positive results are not exported.

So, today we will have to correct our behavior and adopt moderate opinion in our opinion. “Alfaqqan” will continue to follow the principle of “first call again”, which has proved to be a challenge to present a word like that has proved to be prohibited unless it is literature, civilization It is not possible for a positive change, unless we recognize each other’s basic right. It is stated by Umar Farooq.
‘O my dear! Since when you have enslaved people, when their mothers freed them. ”

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