Frank Luntz says 2020 Dems overtly hostile toward ‘those who’ve been successful’

Frank Luntz says 2020 Dems overtly hostile toward 'those who've been successful'

The fight for the “soul of the Democratic Party” is over, inquirer Frank Luntz declared Thursday, oral communication the party’s moderate voices ar being submerged out.

“The hostility of those Democratic candidates, most of them, to company America, to CEOs, to those who’ve been winning is critical,” Luntz same on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle,” wherever he shared his perspective on this week’s Democratic presidential debates in metropolis.

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During the 2 night of debates Tuesday and Wednesday, with separate teams of ten candidates taking the stage every night, the White House hopefuls spoke repeatedly regarding raising taxes on the rich, insurance corporations charging “unreasonable prices” and therefore the have to be compelled to rise up to firms.
I inform each corporate executive who’s look at once and each company executive: They’re when you. They’re blaming you. They’re holding you responsible,” Luntz same.

He added that economic freedom is vulnerable.

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