France: Firing in Christmas bazaar, three people were killed

France Firing in Christmas bazaar, three people were killed, 12 wounded

Strasbourg (NNI) firing near the Christmas Market located in Straussberg, France, France has increased to 3, in the incident, 12 people have been injured. Soldiers of firing near the Christmas market were injured by firing However, he succeeded in escaping. Security forces and police pursued the suspect, during which he also got exchange of fire with the police. According to media reports, the attackers were reported to be arrested, but confirmed It is not done. The identity has been identified and its name is anti-terror

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The gang has been given to the gang, the firing suspect is a 29-year-old teenager, who is resident of Strauss Burg. The criminal records of the deceased person are near the police, the attacker’s home raid has also come to me. After France announced security enhancement, the European Parliament building was closed in Straussberg after the firing incident.

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