Finding Hundred Homemade Lankas, Writing Secret Documents

Finding Hundred Homemade Lankas, Writing Secret Documents

Finding Hundred Homemade Lankas, Writing Secret Documents, Iran’s Atomic Warriors Headlines, Extreme Concerned

Tehran (IRP) is implementing a plan to develop five more nuclear warheads. This number is told more about the global community’s estimates. These are very dangerous details about Iran’s contradictory nuclear program in secret-leaked information from Iran. According to the International News Agency this year, Israel also brought some documents regarding the continuation of Iran’s nuclear program, according to the International News Agency. Iran’s tens of secretariat plans were found. The document states that Iran is more than 2003

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Fasting is making nuclear weapons. Iran has also set the necessary infrastructure for the preparation of nuclear warheads. According to reports, the report issued by the Defense Democracy Foundation and the International Security Institute, according to reports, said Iran has developed at least five nuclear warheads. doing. More recently, the group had issued dangerous figures regarding Iran’s nuclear activities. The report said that at the time of former US President Barack Obama reduced the risk of nuclear weapons and nuclear program at the time of Obama.

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According to recent reports, many nuclear infrastructure is still secreting Iran. These basic structures can be used to prepare dangerous types of defense devices, including nuclear warheads. The report has been pointed out that Iran is producing five nuclear warheads, each of which will be up to 10 tons and will be fired by ballistic missiles. The group of nuclear weapons monitoring groups According to Iran, only a million dollars have been spent on buying new raw materials to increase the number of nuclear weapons. The purchase of uranium used for the manufacture of nuclear weapons is still continuing. Reports have been reported that Iran wants to keep its nuclear program secretly hidden. When needed, they can undergo underground nuclear experiments. Its main goal is to make nuclear power even if it has to do anything for it

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