Find out common reasons for increasing obesity in men

Find out common reasons for increasing obesity in men

The absence of children after marriage can also be due to the spread of a woman’s relationship, and in the present day, the disease is spreading rapidly, particularly men, are facing more than this problem. There may be several reasons for increased risk of mortality among men, and most of them often have the hands of ordinary habits. Now it is not necessary to know the technical reasons but experts who describe the common reasons are as follows. Lot on the chair

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Sitting more time, causes this risk to increase. The deficiency of vitamins in the body is also a major cause. Physical weight loss can also increase the risk. Keeping laptops in the lap can also be used for long intercourse. Keep the mobile phone in the pocket for the next pocket for a long time. Any kind of hurt between the thighs. Use of narrow waste. Wearing tight pants may also face this problem. The use of drugs, smoking and alcohol also increases the risk of obesity. Mental stress and anxiety can also cause it. However, if you want to avoid it, apply the following habits. Disrupt smoking causes harmful ingredients in tobacco mass cells kill while alcohol consumes the same.

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Reduction of stress can be helpful for listening to yoga, respiratory exercise or music etc. than for mental stress, these activities help reduce daily stress or advice from a medical specialist. . Do not lift weight lifting a lot of heavy loads, that too often, the risk of obesity can increase, exercise in moderation is the best way for healthy life. Healthy diet uses healthy food such as vegetables, buds, moderate use of red meat, white meat and fresh fruit etc. are important for men’s health, vitamins C and E are more important vitamins daily, four glass orange juices daily Reduce significant risk. Sleeping sleep needs eight days to sleep, keeping the risk of daily obesity daily, lack of sleep increases the risk of obesity.

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