Fast Food: America, United Kingdom ahead

Fast Food America, United Kingdom ahead

Fall you are fond of fast food and if u live in Asia, maybe you will be glad to hear that obesity is growing in the rest of the world except in some countries of Asia.

Fast food is among the most popular in the UK and America is not too much behind. A survey of 9,000 people shows that there is a lot of difference between people in different countries and obesity and healthy diet.

In France, people look deeper on their weight but people do not care much in Singapore.
Due to fast food obesity is increasing and only few Asian countries are protected from its effect. The survey was conducted in thirteen countries.

Most logos believe obesity growth is the fastest food availability available. People in Britain and America say they were unable to stop themselves by looking at fast food and about 25 percent of the two countries had said that it is not possible for them to leave fast food.

But the situation is not everywhere. Low-fat foods are preferred in Saudi Arabia and UAE. And also in the region, we are very interested in purchasing weight loss courses, Jimensium membership or home appliances.

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The survey shows that many people are worried about their weight, but they are not seen by Patza or Hamburgers, they eat fast foods with Diet Cook to seduce.

A recent survey on Motopy was found that in the past two thousand, in the past two thousand sixty-three people were oblivious to the third half of the population.

According to experts, the main reason for growing obesity is people’s lifestyle, which is not focused on exercise and causes obesity due to obesity in many countries of the world.

Obesity is called global mass body measuring index which covers the height and weight of human beings. If this index is more than twenty, then the human is counted thick and if the index is greater than thirty, it is considered ‘Obis’ or very thick.

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