Eating fish and onions will be a crime for the husband in the night

Eating fish and onions will be a crime for the husband in the night

The Egyptian woman asked the husband to be exhausted at the same point
Thousands of divorce cases of court are hearing in court every day due to civil disputes worldwide. However, a woman in Egypt filed a trial for the trial. According to the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ashd, the woman has adopted her husband, eating her nourish fish and onions before sleeping, which is incredible for her.

Despite prohibiting hundreds of times, she is not ready to get rid of her old habits. The woman said that both of them have been married for a year. The woman said that both of us used to work in one place. Where our friendship was again transformed into love. Even after knowing each other, I did not know about this disturbing habit.

After a week of marriage, when I smiled a lot of hubby at night, due to which I started getting nausea and started feeling tired. I asked him what’s the matter, he told that he has come to eat or drink a good fish. I told him not to eat this food next. Finally, my insistence was found that whenever he is ready to eat fish, he will go to his mother’s home and take care of his mouth or clothes.

However, my husband agreed to me a week. After that he came home after eating daily fish and onion, it would have been unbearable. I feel like I’m in the fish market. Once we were packing goods to go to another city for the holidays, I saw a pack of dry fish under its clothes. Seeing this, my patience closed and I came to my parents’ house.

I should be exposed to the person who can not live without eating dry fish. On the other hand, the husband said in the court that the fish is a lawful and good food. He does not eat any forbidden thing. The wife has made such a big problem on a small issue. After the hearing of the court, the court has surrendered the case to the reconciliation committee.

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