Easy to save dry skin in the winter

Easy to save dry skin in the winter

Islamabad (Monitoring Desk) Increases as soon as the winter starts, in some cases begins to bleed on the skin, especially drought-skin has to face a lot of difficulty. The result of which is in the form of the most expensive physician, cream and auction, but they prove to be effective in some situations. To deal with such a situation, we are telling you a simpler prescription, which will also soften your skin in the winter and on your pocket

But there will be no unnecessary burden. Olive oil is a unique and important feature of olive oils, it is not only used in food but also its massage in the pain of pain. But here we are telling about the use of this oil to get soft and smooth and shiny skin, for that you will need only one to 2 teaspoon olive oil. Make sure cold chillies with natural chillies naturally allow you to lightweight and semi-olive oil everyday, before you sleep in the night, make a habit of massage on your face and hands and legs.

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headache will pass smoothly without skin problems. . In addition, you can also massage olive oil and other parts of the body before bathing, which will not only improve blood flow, but also moisture in the cold will continue. But if your skin is too dry, add a bit of oil in olive oil and use it on your skin for a few days daily, it will get better skin moisture.

In the winter, the face of the face is cured in the winter, to freshen up the skin, take some olive oil and powder of enough seeds, make paste and massage it in the circle, not only the skin of the skin. It will be removed but natural moisture will be restored soon. This article is for general information. Readers also consult your physician in this regard.

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