Pep Guardiola talks tactics: ‘When the ball is at your feet, the ball is yours

(CNN)Ever puzzled why this Manchester town team is therefore good? Ever asked yourself what it might be prefer to train beneath the professional eye of ginger Guardiola?
Well, Herbert Kitchener FC — a gin mill team based mostly in Ipswich, European nation — was only if chance, the prospect to expertise the employment of a footballing visionary.
Guardiola watched their matches and his employment employees analyzed the method the team compete so the serial title-winner oversaw a apply match between the peer Herbert Kitchener Tavern’s footballers.
And in doing therefore, Guardiola offered up a number of the secrets that have created urban center, Bayern Muenchen and also the powerful Premier League champions such a mix of unpitying potency, unmatched magnificence and unwavering exactitude.
Guardiola casts associate degree observant eye over Herbert Kitchener FC’s Sunday league players.
The importance of the goalkeeper position and also the method the defense provides the muse for any offensive move has become Guardiola’s trademark over the years.
When the 48-year-old Catalan signed Claudio Bravo from urban center to interchange Joe Hart as his goalkeeper at town before long when change of integrity the club, it had been associate degree early signal of his intentions in European nation.
Bravo has since been replaced by Ederson, the Brazilian goalkeeper, whose ability on the ball likewise as handling skills has supplemental a further threat to City’s already burgeoning armory.
“Playing out from the rear may be a heap concerning routine as a result of the areas area unit forever there,” Guardiola told COPA90 presenter Michael Timbs. “The most significant factor that we tend to attempt to tell them is [to] believe it.
“Because you’re about to build mistakes within the starting. it’s easier to [play] the long ball and head to the second balls.”
However, for Guardiola, it all comes right down to a straightforward equation. “When the ball is within the air, it’s [*fr1] and [*fr1],” he says. “When the ball is at your feet, the ball is yours.”
It is a excusable logic that sits at the middle of all that a Guardiola team seeks to realize. On Wednesday, a town facet missing each David and Bernardo timber, likewise as Raheem Sterling, strolled to finish against capital with seventy nine possession within the method.
Guardiola explains his philosophy any, that specialize in the advantage of enjoying out from the goalkeeper’s feet. once the central defenders area unit snug in possession of the ball and that they face just one forward, “you ought to own the pitch,” he says.
When his facet does not have the ball, the sole possibility is to urge it back. If Guardiola wasn’t essentially the primary man to dominate English soccer with a classy possession-based system, his concentrate on winning back possession is, perhaps, a fair a lot of vital a part of the Spaniard’s game.
“Football players prefer to play with the ball,” he states. “They do not play soccer only for running or to travel to the athletic facility.
“The main principle of that’s that i am about to choose you up and regain the ball as a result of i need to play with the ball.
“You got to commit everyone to be aggressive if you would like to regain the ball.”
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It is a belief that has resulted within the domination of European soccer for a decade. His urban center is, in some minds, the best club team of all of them.

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