Dry skin and women’s problems

Dry skin and women's problems

Consumer fatty acids (healthy health tips) are very important in providing dry skin and natural moisture to dry skin.
Vitamin and Ascan Care Products

Vitamin A
It is also known as Retinol. It is inadvertently and flat in fashions. It is very useful to keep the upper layer of ‘sunny and healthy’.

A is also very useful for our eyesight.

Vitamins E
It is found in small quantities in vegetable oil (Corn Oil’Avoda Kodo Oil ‘Flower Flower’) ‘green vegetables (beef and big beans’ peasants’ cabbages) etc. This is the eggs It can also be obtained from the butter.

It burns quickly and remains smooth smoothly.

Aespicious fatty acids It is inevitable for your skin and it can be obtained through nutrients as well as it is called Essential Fatty E, F, A Acid.
Vegetable oil (soy ‘peanut and olive oil), it becomes almonds together with other vitamin’ A and D ‘and plays an important role in forming skin cells.
Asbestos fatty acids (healthy trends) are very important in providing healthy and natural outlook to the dry skin.

Home Appliances for dry skin
Home-made items are very effective for dry skin because they are easily prepared and the ingredients are used. They are easily available in preparing them. Their products are much better than they are there.
You can use them. You will start feeling a clear difference soon. Short prescriptions are being given below.

Dry skin mask
Cut the carrot in a pan or add it. Add a number of eggs of egg and a tea cottage cheese. Add a few drops of vitamins A and E and then apply on the face face dust and toner after 20 minutes. Apply
The face of the face will be soft vitamins and refreshments.

Mask for dry and sensitive skin
Take three tablespoons of Kim Miley T and 1 teaspoon sage (one type of Italian herb mixing for perfume) in the boiling water and boiling it in water. This includes a few drops of vitamin A and E and then cool it. Let it be. Before applying, apply the microscope on the face.
Then let the mask keep on hold for 20 minutes. Clean the face with toner help.
You will notice that the face is fresh.

Alice seed seeds
Take a glass of olive seeds and add a glass of water to it and cook until it is thick. After cooling, apply the first moisturizer on the face. Then apply this thick mixture as a mask face for 20 minutes. Let’s keep it clean then help with toner.
This makes the skin dry ‘transparent’ smooth and bright. You will need to help someone in order to apply this masks. Therefore, prepare it for yourself before making a mask.

Mask of Avocado
Half EVA’s dive cats, ‘Tea tea’ fresh cream and 2 teaspoon china clay (clay) mix them well and apply them on a clean skin and keep for 10 minutes.
After drying the face with cold milk then drain face and tap water with water. It will dry your dry skin completely moisturized and the process of moisture will be up to the skin, and it is freshly fresh. Will be
Try to dry your dry skin from cold dry weather to the women’s household products. Products available in the market are not empty from the adverse effects of chemicals. Save your skin and adopt domestic affluent prescriptions and lower cost-effective Providing the charming syllabus to your skin, giving the truth to the person and the truth.

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