Donald Trump, on the border with Mexico: “They are capturing them all”

Donald Trump, on the border with Mexico

The US president congratulates Mexico for the detention of immigrants on its border with Guatemala. He says he has not changed his mind about his promise to bolt
The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has had a busy day today. First he has gone to the border in Caléxico (California), to later attend in Los Angeles two big fundraising parties.

Trump has made it clear that he will make security on the border, the backbone of his campaign for the 2020 elections, an initiative that proved effective in the elections that gave him victory in 2016.

“Mexico has behaved in a fantastic way during the last four days, they are capturing them all,” said the president in reference to immigrants who try to enter the US territory on the Mexican border with Guatemala, a country that, along with Honduras and El Salvador, most of them without papers.

“They have arrested 1,400 people, it has never happened in the last 35 years,” Trump congratulated, who had complained again in the last days of Mexico’s traditional practice of allowing these immigrants to go to press Washington. “If they continue with the arrests everything will be fine, otherwise we will impose tariffs of 25% on cars coming from Mexico, it will work the same as steel”, assured the president, who has also threatened to close the border in the future if drug trafficking is maintained.

Trump has made clear to journalists that he has not changed his mind about his idea of ​​bolting the border line. “I prefer the tariffs to close it,” he said, however, urging Congress to intervene in the migration crisis: “They have to act, our system does not work, frankly, I think we should also get rid of the judges (immigration). you can have a hearing before the judge every time someone sets foot on our land, “he said, referring to the right of asylum seekers to present their case before a US magistrate. “But, I have not changed my mind and maybe closed (the border) at some point,” he said.

“We are building a great wall, and I will show you a part,” he said on the way to the section of the fence installed in Calexico. A division of just over three kilometers that, more than a new construction, is actually a replacement of an existing structure.

At the moment, Trump has been unable to inaugurate any kilometer of fencing, fence or other type of structure that requires a great architectural planning. What his Administration has done has been repairs and replacements. In the latter case, this work, budgeted at 18 million dollars, began in February 2018, in a project that had started nine years earlier, in 2009, at the beginning of the first term of President Barack Obama.

After the visit to the border with Mexico, the president has moved to Los Angeles, one of the great democratic strongholds, to hold two fundraising events in Beverly Hills. Shortly before, as he had planned last night, to travel to Las Vegas (Nevada) to deliver a speech before the Republican Jewish Coalition in a meeting organized by casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, great donor of the conservative party.

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