Directing the BJP attack against Congress, demanding evidence of attack on Balakot

Directing the BJP attack against Congress, demanding evidence of attack on Balakot

Directing the BJP attack against Congress, demanding evidence of attack on Balakot
New Delhi: Indian law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad directed BJP workers to campaign across the country against the Congress asking for the evidence of damages in the surgical strike and Balakot attack from the Modi government.

The Indian ruling party, BJP opposition has a serious conflicts on demanding evidence of damages in Balakot and now the questions are being raised by the BJP allies.

Indian law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad strongly condemned the Congress asking for evidence of action against Pakistan and said that the Congress leader is eager to suspend the security forces’ efforts by suspending the action of Indoor Euros.

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The Law Minister said that when the surgical strike was done, evidence was taken and attacked Balakot now, the Congress leaders of the dam ask for evidence, do not they trust their air force.

The Indian Law Minister said that no one in the entire world would ask for the evidence of the attack but the Congress is demanding evidence, the proof seekers believe in foreign newspapers, not on their military, air force and media.
Ravi Shankar Prasad instructed the BJP workers to seek an answer from Sonia and Rahul Gandhi, who should prove to be an anti-Congress campaign.

Earlier, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi also tried to suppress the questions raised by the Congress and other parties and opposed them to India and said that the benefit of the opposition parties is benefiting from Pakistan.

Opposition leader Rahul Gandhi, Mamata Banjjee and Akashish Yadav are constantly demanding that details of air strike should be brought to view publicly.

Mamata Branjee gave a clear message to the BJP government that the nation has the right and wants to know what happened as a result of the Indian Air Force action when Congress leader Kapil Sibal and Digg Singh Jaya also demanded that Providence of damage to result of the Balaakot attack.
Last week, Indian Air Force chief BS Dhanoeva pressed a press conference while reporters continued to ask for questions about the killings in the Balakot attack, but they could not satisfy them.

Indian Air Marshal said that we target the target, do not count the number of deaths, to tell the number of deaths, the government’s work and the Indian air strike is not in the position to explain the killings.

On the other hand, State Haryana Minister Anil Wins said in his Twitter statement, “If the attack is done again in Pakistan, the heads of allied parties should be kept together so that they can be able to count the dead bodies.”

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