December 10: World Day Human Rights!

December 10 World Day Human Rights!

Every December 10 is celebrated as a human rights human rights every year. On same day in 1948, the United Nations General Assembly ratified the World Heritage Agreement to protect human rights. And in 1950, the resolution of General Human Rights Declaration No. 423 (v) decided to celebrate the World Human Rights Day on December 10. The United Nations Human Rights Charter was made to protect the rights of millions of people living in the world.

In which every human rights are safe. Rahman al-mu’minin had given a message of humanity at the time when Europe was in the whole darkness. Islam presented a global manifesto in front of the world that no conflicts in the Kashmir revolution were under pressure, but rights The rules and regulations of human beings are hidden from the clearance of the revelation. According to the principles of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the narrative traditions of high values, equality of righteousness, could not offer any nation of the world. It is important to use the same as the birth and resources of the creatures. Primarily human needs, including peace-justice housing, health-clean water food shelter, accessible information accessible information.

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Human Rights Day is 71 years old today. But Shomai fate is still continuing in violation of human rights and fundamental human rights violations in all parts of the world. Even today the worst of human rights in various countries of Kashmir, Palestinians, Afghanistan, Syria, Syria, Libya, Seeing the violations even though the sluggishness of humanity remains alive, humanity is stirring up the agony. Look at a occupied Kashmir.

The United Nations’s newly released report has also been clarified that human beings are being shouted by human beings on the natives of occupied Kashmir. Indian armed forces are using the power of power in the valley. The use of belt guns and other dangerous weapons has spread all the boundaries of oppression. After the death anniversary of the martyrdom in 2014, 130 to 145 Kashmiris will be martyred by 2018.

Despite this, human rights activists today have closed their eyes. In the Kashmir Valley, women and women are begging old ages that they are demanding life, breaking their lives, but instead of focusing on them, only statements are being fired. For the occupied Kashmir, where there is a consolidation of sustainable peace in Asian countries, there has been a lot of humanity under pressure for seven decades. With the approval of the United Nations General Assembly, on Dec 10, 1948, the world was decided to celebrate the human rights of a human rights, which had a great and more success in terms of improving human rights and protection.

Basically, a global statement of human rights is a milestone, according to which every human being is obliged to be a priest. Breeding Religion Religion Linguistic Linguistic Religious National Social Reality This document of complete freedom of birth or second position was translated into 500 world languages. Previously there was no international law-related international law. And then, in Welat Aziz, as a lifetime agreement between the citizens and the state, the 1973 constitution guarantees the protection of basic rights of citizens. Section 8 to 28 in the first chapter of the Constitution is related to basic rights. Under the Article 3 of the Constitution, the removal of all kinds of exploitation is the state’s responsibility. In order to preserve the basic rights of the citizens under IAN, the National Commission for Human Rights Freedom Committee, Human Rights Committee and Honorable Supreme Court There are human rights cells.

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According to the figures of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan from 2004 to 2016, the killing of 15,222 women abducted 5508 35,935 suicide attacks took place. According to the World Justice Project report, according to the rule of law, Pakistan is 106 out of 113 countries. How many children lose school due to the infinite series of food shortage, and the storm of inflation became known to the poor. Maintenance of basic needs and taking care of citizens’ rights is included in the state’s primary duties. Human rights violations of society’s growing violence The short-term thinking of lack of merit lacks merit lack of employment Low opportunities for equal lack of lack of political capability for the segments These are society’s worst Those who move one step forward to extremism, and the living people become enemies of their own lives. In such cases, the dream of equality of equal rights can not be embarrassed by the country.

It is our collective responsibility to address these factors. In respect of their tolerance of human rights, respect for human rights requires respect to the right of human rights .Why is the reason why we celebrate the human rights world of human rights for 71 years Still, fundamental human rights have taken place in the wake of peaceful flames where the world is burnt on peace, but instead of being close to humanity, starvation and hatred religious hypocrisy burst into terrorism. Initially, the human rights tribunals have to bring a great deal of humanity, why then the storm of hatred why humanity was massacred. Why is the buzz growing? Why is the right of spreading a fascinating fire of Tulil, why not reach right? Why is humanity in occupied Kashmir becoming the motto of sodomy? Today, the world day of human rights is facing us that we will make a renewed covenant today. All rights are for all of us to make our responsibility to succeed

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