Debt volume is expected to rise to 76 percent by 2020

Debt volume is expected to rise to 76 percent by 2020

New York Times (MOD) show that the economy is facing external concerns, the government’s initiatives are required by time, economic reforms are a major step, but it will improve the efficiency, increase the volume of debt by 2020. 76% feared. According to the details, the International Ratings Agency Momskiqui has released Pakistan’s Presidency, which has been said. The Pakistani economy is inconvenient concerns, the confidence of the return of Pakistan’s debt declined, due to external pressure, deficit accounts are defective. Moody says the reservoir reserves continuous reserves

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There is a decline, there is no hope for fasting in the world, zodiac reserves are negligible due to decrease in depreciation, deficit deficit will be to reduce imports and minerals increase economic concerns. The value of currency will also be pressured. Is. The report states that Pakistan’s Economic Day is moderate, industrial and military power is very low and other factors are also unlikely, there is no significant reduction in the current accounts of the released accounts and IMF has been able to reduce the minimum level of 3 months.

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According to the mood, the economic growth rate will be upto 4.3 to 4.7 in the next fiscal and the growth rate in the next fiscal year is likely to increase, while the economic growth rate of 2020 is expected to be 5.8 percent. The report further states that the GDP loan volume is 72 percent of GDP and debt collection is expected to grow 76 percent by 2020, the future of Pakistan’s economic growth is expected to be better. Moody says the situation of electricity supply, infrastructure and security situation, and the CP project is becoming increasingly viable.

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