John Kerry: Ocasio-Cortez ‘offered additional leadership’ on global climate change ‘in sooner or later or in one week’ than Trump

John Kerry: Ocasio-Cortez 'offered additional leadership' on global climate change 'in sooner or later or in one week' than Trump

Washington (CNN)Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has “offered additional leadership” on global climate change “in sooner or later or in one week” than President Donald Trump, former Secretary of State John Kerry aforesaid Tuesday.

The comments from Kerry, WHO served underneath President Barack Obama, came throughout a House Oversight Committee hearing on global climate change and its impact on national security. Asked by Rep. James Comer, a Kentucky Republican, regarding the affordability of Ocasio-Cortez’s signature inexperienced New Deal proposal, Kerry defended the proposal and criticized Trump’s leadership on the difficulty.
“I assume you aforesaid that you simply don’t seem to be certain of the science (behind global climate change studies). however my focus is on however we have a tendency to square measure planning to move forward and, you know, we have a tendency to all have variations on one piece of legislation or another,” Kerry aforesaid. “But in proposing what she has projected in conjunction with fractional monetary unit. (Ed) Markey, congressman Ocasio-Cortez has indeed offered additional leadership in sooner or later or in one week than President Trump has in his period of time on this subject.”
He continued: “So we’re talking regarding it. And my question is wherever is your proposal? Did you have got any hearings on that within the previous couple of years? totally on urban center if I recall after I was over here (as secretary).”
According to the committee’s web site, the hearing was referred to as so as to “examine the threat of global climate change to the us, as well as national security, and therefore the want for leadership to combat this threat.”
Last month, Kerry co-signed a letter sent by dozens of former national security officers to Trump expressing issues regarding however the administration was handling global climate change. The letter came on the heels of a Washington Post report spoken communication the administration was considering making a committee tasked with learning whether or not global climate change poses a national security threat.
“We square measure deeply involved by reports that National Security Council officers square measure considering forming a committee to dispute and undermine military and intelligence judgments on the threat exhibit by global climate change,” the letter scan.

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