Video from raid on Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion showed nude pictures of young girls

Video from raid on Jeffrey Epstein's Palm Beach mansion showed nude pictures of young girls

Video of a 2005 police raid of Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach, Fla., mansion reveals a home part embellished with illicit photos and representational process of young girls.

Inside the house, the video shows a wall coated in artsy nude photos of men and ladies, a painting of a nude lady lying on her back and a photograph of a unadorned lady – reportedly Epstein’s ex-girlfriend and alleged madam, Ghislaine Maxwell – lying on a sandy beach.

Entering the main bedroom, police discovered a drawing of a vacant feminine backside and a painting of a unadorned lady, in addition as what perceived to be either a sketch or embellished exposure of Maxwell.

Other photos within the home apparently showed Jacob Epstein standing at stage of the White House press area.
Police additionally discovered a inexperienced massage table leaning against a wall beneath framed photos of Jacob Epstein, United Nations agency was defendant of molesting dozens of underage ladies at the mansion.

By 2006, Palm Beach investigators had interviewed over thirty young girls – a number of whom were minors at the time of the alleged molestations.
In the end, prosecutors and Jacob Epstein’s lawyers negotiated a then-secret plea deal that crystal rectifier Epstein to serve simply thirteen months in jail beneath work-release privileges, permitting him to figure in his workplace six days per week.

He pleaded guilty to a baby whoredom charge and registered as a convict.
The FBI has raided Epstein’s alternative properties, as well as his the big apple town mansion and his non-public island within the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Prosecutors confirmed Tues that inquiries into Jacob Epstein’s co-conspirators were current and would continue despite the very fact that the criminal case against Epstein has been fired thanks to Epstein’s suicide in his cell earlier this month.

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