Dangerous type of smok air pollution

Dangerous type of smok air pollution

Samoo is a dangerous type of air pollution. In chemical, it includes industrial aerial vehicles, smoke and free smoke.

With the rise of cold weather, its effects have started appearing in different parts of the country. At present, Lahore and the surrounding districts, including Central Punjab, have a fog of fog, due to which the citizens have severe strokes. The concern is that if air pollution persists, it is likely to increase the number of diseases. According to the recent report of the Health Health Organization, around six million people die from the impact of air pollution. And many countries have set up rules for reducing sanitation. Some rules prohibit dangerous and non-smoking emissions in factories.

Smoke can be seen clearly in industrial areas and it is often observed in the cities. Like last year, Fog has kept the most populous cities in Punjab. There is a lot of trouble in many places. Looks like nothing. According to experts, the reason for smuggling in Pakistan is the cause caused by fire extinguishers in neighboring India and the rest of the other crops, which are expected to end in the next few days and if the rains begin. The situation will come to normal on a regular basis. Recently, thousands of farmers in India planted a fire on their rice crop, which affect the impact of both the countries.

Samoo is a dangerous type of air pollution. This includes chemical aerial vehicles, smoke smoke and flutter smoke. In our country the fog is generally found in the end of December and in the month of January, but weather Due to the changes it reaches itself before time and its duration is not even specific, sometimes less and more. Soul damage not only humans, but also animals, plants, and everything in nature. Thousands of people daily in China Number of people sit in a horn due to sympathy, there would be 17 percent of the deaths caused by smoked disease.

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Yn.smug the deteriorating situation and specialist ear, nose and throat Dr. Mohammad Arif offering readers who joins Tarar to prevent diseases arising from it. Professor Dr. Arif Tareer has honored the introduction of the specialty of the children’s ear, nose and throat diseases in Pakistan in 95. He is the first and only specialist of ENT’s children in Pakistan. “The pollution is a sweet poison that can lead to human life. Due to late delay, fog cloud across Punjab, including Lahore,” said Dr. Ram Tireer, a specialist of the Symbol’s human resources. Smog) has potential concerns that can lead to nervous eyes in severe disorders and dangerous decline, but also cause respiratory and lung disease.

This pollution to the streets, streets, as well as within the homes, can be especially dangerous for children. If the rate of pollution in the atmosphere persists, it can spread serious illnesses. The amount of sulfate in the atmosphere and the increasing amount of carbon monoxide can affect the skin and the throat apart from the human lungs and heart systems. In particular, heart diseases and lung diseases can be affected. You can have a right now. Thunder and sound sit down.

There is a continuous dry cough. Let’s get started. The fiber can produce fiber. All complaints can be caused by a healthy man due to sympathy. But those who suffer from respiratory diseases, asthma, TB and allergic diseases, cause diseases due to infectious diseases and can worsen their health due to intensity of disease. Symptoms are a combination of contaminated gases and soil particles. Deadly effects of symptom can also be dangerous for the human body.

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The fact is that Samoog is also causing various diseases. Pregnant women and small children aged by air pollution can be more affected due to weak immune systems. This dangerous type of pollution is causing the cause of cardio vascular disease. Samog is an air pollution that reduces the ability to see human. This smoke is made of coal burning. Apart from symptoms of throat, throat may cause chest pain, chest and lung diseases.

Taking too much time may cause difficulty to breathe especially deeply. Coughing or throat and chest can occur. Only a few hours Samoo can enter your lungs and burn it and damage your lungs. If you are asthma patients, it can be dangerous for you to go to sleep, sometimes sometimes poisonous substances in deep smokers cause eyes and burns, which cause red eyes to flow and tears flow. Negative effects occur on children and adolescents, but it affects all ages in some degree.

The reason for smoking is smoke and poisonous gas coming from rapidly growing construction work, factories and vehicles. Apart from this, the trees and vegetables, which are rapidly increasing, are also a cause of smoking. The natural environment is the survival of life and when the natural environment is tested more than a certain extent, its reaction is always destructive. On the whole day an expert environment was telling TV that due to Samoo in India India I have rice crops, they did not think it was appropriate to tell here that Lahore was once famous for its gardens, now the fourth quarter of the region.