Trump says personal assistant was ‘drinking’ once she created ‘hurtful’ comments

Trump says personal assistant was ‘drinking’ once she created 'hurtful' comments

President Trump on weekday expressed disappointment over what he delineated because the “unfortunate” departure in the week of his personal assistant Madeleine Westerhout over “hurtful” comments she created to reporters at a recent off-the-record gathering, speech communication Westerhout explained to him she was “drinking” at the time.

“She told Maine she was terribly upset,” Trump told reporters before boarding Marine One. “She was terribly down. She aforesaid she was drinking.”

On Th, it had been rumored that Westerhout dead left her job when it had been determined she shared non-public info concerning the president and his family with reporters close to Bedminster, N.J., wherever Trump was on vacation.

According to Trump, “She was with reporters and everything she aforesaid was off the record.”

But a number of her comments created their method back to the White House.

“I assume the press was terribly dishonest,” he said. “Because it had been presupposed to be off the record.”

The president didn’t cite what Westerhout aforesaid – however aforesaid her comments were a “little bit hurtful.”

“You don’t say things like she aforesaid,” she said.

According to politician, Westerhout shared intimate details concerning the president’s family – as well as concerning daughters Ivanka and creative person — throughout the dinner with reporters

“Tiffany is nice,” Trump aforesaid weekday, in response to those reports. “I love creative person.”

Westerhout served as a gatekeeper to the president, having a table outside the government office. Trump said: “She’s a awfully mortal. I perpetually thought she did a decent job.”

“The unit was terribly unfortunate,” he said.

Westerhout, a former Republican National Committee employee, joined the Trump team throughout the 2016 campaign.

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