Complain of receipt of years old messages to Facebook users

Complain of receipt of years old messages to Facebook users

San Francisco (Monitoring Desk) Social Network website spokesperson has confirmed that there was an error in the system during the feature update, after which users initially started getting older inbox messages. But now this problem has been resolved. According to the details, Facebook users complained that they were getting back to the old messages again on the box that are appearing as Unread. Facebook spokesperson confirmed that ‘Some users get older messages.’

Starting from which we are completely aware and trying to solve the problem ‘. He apologized for the new problem with the users, saying, ‘This problem has been caused by putting a wrong code during the trial of the new feature of Messenger.’ He said that the problem was actually caused by algorithm, which was not the way to distinguish between happiness or grief posts.

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According to the latest statement issued by the company on the other hand, the company has overcome the issue of software updates. Sorry, the spokesperson of the Facebook spokesperson said that we are seeking forgiveness from you in this difficult hour and we will endeavor to not face such a situation.

Talking to the famous technology website, an American citizen said he received an old message from a friend who died three years ago in which he had asked Khurrat. The user says he was worried about seeing this message and how did the message come to the inbox and why? The young user said that when I asked the family of Robert (Dost) to ask for an account, they refused the user and then informed me about this situation, they were also scared. ‘.

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